Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Doctor Atlantis is available for order in comic shops nationwide!!!

BIG NEWS! The high-seas steampunk comic "DOCTOR ATLANTIS" is in the current Diamond Previews Catalog, just waiting to be ordered by comic retailers ACROSS THE COUNTRY.  But in order to ship it, we need to reach our minimum order number, so start spreading the word! This collection includes the first THREE issues of the series, totaling 80 pages for a mere $10!

Check out and share these links to previews, behind the scenes tidbits and our fantastic Kickstarter pitch.  If this gets you hooked, you can read the rest of the series by ordering it from your local comic book retailer.  Tell them you want "DOCTOR ATLANTIS," published by RARE EARTH COMICS and appearing on PAGE 322 of this month's Diamond Previews. 

Check out my main blog for previews of the first two issues (#1, #2) and Ian's Kickstarter pitch

Friday, April 6, 2012

concept art for slavers

Here's some early and fairly out there concept art for the Slaver tribe introduced in issue 2.

I drew a lot of inspiration from the Mayans in Apocalypto who came off very intimidating but thoroughly decorated.  Early on we went back and forth between them being humans and them being actual mer-people, then ended up going with the former.

ref for issue 3 character

I used this 3-D model (NOT my making) as reference for the shriveled grandmother in issue 3.  I was going for someone very very old.

Oh, there's also a pretty clear cleanup mistake that will be corrected for the trade (see notice the nose shadow)

Splash page from issue 4

Normally I try not to post too many interior pages, but I don't think it spoils much to know that bad-assery occurs in issue 4

Inked Cover DA#4

Here's the pre-colored but fully inked cover for DA #4 (spoiler: there's a giant sea monster).

I'm already psyched to see what amazing coloring Tim Durning does to it

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Here's the ad art for the Diamond Previews Catalog.
I used my first unconventional brush in photoshop to fade the edges of the image into the parchment surface.

Here's the finished cover for issue 3, 
colored by the tremendous Tim Durning, penciled and inked by yours truly.